The Fall of America


The better part of the world may still not have recovered yet from the shock of Donald Trump’s election as the next American President. I have watched no television nor read any newspaper since 5 am Nigerian time when the nightmare of Trump’s presidency dawned on me. But am sure, political analysts, journalists, and pollsters around the world are aghast about this historic and mysterious feat of Mr. Trump.

Having tossed all day on my bed, agonizing about this shocker, I stood up some 30 minutes ago to put my thoughts together on this amazing development.
First, the election of Donald Trump is symbolic and symptomatic of the complete decadence of American society, the total collapse of values, and the alarming illiteracy rate that bestrides rural America like a colossus.

Or how do you sanely cast a vote for a man that is so rude and crude, abuses everybody and anybody at sight, publicly boasts of his sexual escapades even with people’s wives, keeps company with notorious pedophiles and porn stars, and is married to a woman who poses nude, completely nude, for a fee! For God’s sake, how do you cast a vote for a man who is standing trial in court for raping a 13-year old girl! Tell me how do you cast a vote for a public office seeker who flagrantly and blatantly refuses to pay tax or show evidence of his basic civic responsibility as a taxpayer! How do you do that! How do you cast a vote for a man with a rich history of failed businesses, bankruptcies and who openly invites an enemy country to hack into the computers of his fellow countrymen, at the risk of everything except his rise to power! How do you vote for a man who thrives in impunity and abnormality!

I think America has not elected a man as their next president. I think, at best, America has just elected a god, and at worse, they may have elected an anti-god (or perhaps what the Christians call anti-Christ) as President. America is falling. It is no longer the America of high reputation and integrity. And by the way, guess who would be contesting elections in America next time! Ex-convicts, drug addicts, and pushers, porn stars…

Second, the election of Donald Trump is not all about the defeat of Hillary Clinton. It is more a vengeance against AUDACITY OF HOPE. The election and tenure of Barak Obama for eight years is a bitter and intolerable effrontery to the majority of whites, not because of Obama’s qualification or performance as President, but because of his God-given color. Whenever Trump and his supporters say MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, what they actually mean is MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN. So this is actually what you may call EMPIRE STRIKE BACK. Don’t forget, Mr. Trump began his political career just recently with a campaign to ridicule Obama and deny him of his citizenship as an American. So the Clintons and their white supporters are mere victims of misplaced aggression. This uprising is against the offsprings of slaves and their rainbow immigrants or ‘criminals’ as Trump calls them. It is therefore arguable that any goat could have ridden on the back of anti-immigrant sentiments, with full immunity, to the White House. It is this immunity that ensured that the impunity and deviancy of Donald Trump were glossed over all the way to the White House. This is very unlike America. Between 9/11 and 11/9 (today), the election of Donald Trump is a disaster that has crushed American values down to Ground Zero

Third, and perhaps quite significant, history is not strange to the tragedy of the supremacist philosophy of politics. Adolf Hitler, the notorious German leader, who persecuted and murdered six million Jews in gas chambers, had so much in common with Donald Trump. He won a landslide election, like Trump on the platform of anti-immigrant sentiment. His belief that other races were inferior to Germans did not only lead to the Holocaust but signposted the Second World War, the worst in human history, during which 50-85million people were killed.
To borrow Donald Trump’s favorite phrase, his election may signal ‘a disaster’ not just for America but perhaps the rest of the world. But as a Christian, I believe God can use evil for good. As a Christian, I also believe that God rules in the kingdom of men such as America and gives it to whomsoever He wills, including the ‘deplorable’ (Daniel 4:17). This is very consoling to me and those who believe and trust in God. The best good that can come from the evil of Donald Trump’s mysterious victory is the fulfillment of God’s agenda for the end times.

One such agenda is the coming to power of the Anti-Christ, which some writers have often suggested would be an American President. I am not an expert in eschatology but I do know the
major characteristics of the Anti-Christ, as contained in my Bible: (1) He will be a ‘LAWLESS MAN in accordance with how Satan works’ (2Thes 2:9-12). (2) He will draw glory to himself [John 4:48], (the same way Trump told the world during the campaigns that ‘I AM THE ONLY ONE’ who can make America great or ‘I KNOW MORE THAN (AMERICAN MILITARY) GENERALS’). (3) He will rule in full authority, including the authority to make wars (Rev.13:5-7). (4) He will try to control the world economy (Rev.13:16-17). (5) He will be unreliable and untrustworthy (Dan 12:11). (6) He will rise to power through deception and rule briefly but ruthlessly (Dan.11:21-24). (7) He will be a “LIAR AND THIEF OF THIEVES”.
Does this cut a picture of someone you know?

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