Village Boy

Book Review:

Thrilling, funny, irresistible and full of suspense, Village Boy is not just a real-life saga of a poverty-stricken boy who overcame incredible obstacles and prevailed against all odds. It is the inimitable and absorbing adventure into the village life in southern Nigeria, especially Akwa/Cross States.

For adults, it is a nostalgia to relish. For the younger generation, this is not just a breezy window to the 60s and 7Os, but the veritable binoculars to trace the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, in the proverbial good old days. And for teachers and students in secondary and tertiary institutions, this is a study in creative writing. Unputdownable.

With just a little over 200 pages, Village Boy reminds every reader of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart or No Longer at Ease — a true story told with invented elements. It consists of 23 short chapters, written in concise paragraphs. The end of every chapter creates a natural, forceful desire in me to open the next page — compelled by the eagerness to know where the story leads.

Project info:

  • Village Boy
  • Kindle/Paperback
  • 204
  • Parresia Publishers
  • 9 789789 83107 4


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