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Anietie Usen:

The Medium is the Message!

Th Grace of God Colors the Efforts of men!
A multiple award-winning journalist, author and technocrat, ANIETIE USEN grew up under the palm trees with his aged grandmother in a remote village of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, smoking rats out of their dark holes for meals at day and chasing insects desperately at night for snacks. ‘By the sheer grace of God’, to quote him, he staged a meteoric transition from a proper village boy to become one of Nigeria’s celebrated journalists in the 80’s and 90’s.
His two books, AUDACIOUS JOURNALISM and VILLAGE BOY have received top class reviews as a ‘book of inspiration’ from local and international organizations, including the UN SDG Book Club which selected VILLAGE BOY as the lead book in 2021, under the ‘No Poverty’ Category and accordingly unveiled the book officially during the UNESCO World Book & Copyrights Day in 2021. VILLAGE BOY is also an approved text book in three departments of the University of Uyo, and the University has also conferred on Anietie the Author Creativity Award.
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